Gozney Ovens and Marston’s Inns and Taverns

Tuesday 29th March 2016

Gozney Ovens are pleased to announce that they are the approved stone oven provider to Marston’s Inns and Taverns, providing a range of gas and wood fired stone ovens to locations across the UK.

With over 1700 pubs across Britain, Marston’s Plc have been running pubs and brewing beer for over 180 years with various food and drink offerings over the country.

 Gozney Ovens began to work with Marston’s after a lengthy search for a trusted stone pizza oven provider. Matt Bygate from Revere had tried oven alternatives in two sites, but after initial attempts proving unsuccessful, eventually decided to run with Gozney as their approved supplier.  “Gozney was the third oven supplier we looked at and now we are rolling out Gozney.”

When interviewed, Gozney Ovens’ Tom, stated that “We are very proud to be working with such a prestigious brand. Marston’s have opted for wood oven models, gas oven models or a combination of both fuel sources, depending on which food offering and which site they are located at.”

Marston’s have been systematically refurbishing sites across the UK, whilst also expanding into new ones, with The Fire Station, Waterloo a particularly impressive renovation.

“The Fire Station is all about sourdough pizzas, quality dry aged beef burgers, [and] we do draft beers and cocktails, ” said Matt.   

 The Fire Station, located near Waterloo Station, London is a large, trendy bar and restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a range of sourdough pizzas and burgers.

Marston’s opted for a Gozney Oven as “speed was of the essence, we want every customer to get their pizza as fast as possible”.  As well as the speed of cooking, Matt was after a unique flavour, “the wood is imparted into the flavour of the dough, which gives you that real authentic taste”.

Gozney Ovens offer a range of wood and gas fired ovens, with the most popular model for Marston’s being the Classic 1250 oven.

“Working with Gozney Ovens is actually a pleasure” said Matt; and Gozney Ovens are looking forward to providing commercial stone ovens for new and existing Marston’s sites in the future.

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