Gozney Ovens install 24th oven and counting for Neapolitan pizza chain Franco Manca

Tuesday 7th March 2017

Gozney Ovens are proud to be installing their 24th pizza oven in fast growing leading pizza outfit, Franco Manca. Known for their unique pizza offering and affordable, down-to-earth pizza, Franco Manca have gone from strength to strength under the watchful eye of parent firm Fulham Shore.

Opening new restaurants in and around London, Franco Manca are expanding outside the capital with a series of recent openings, including Southampton. Known for their unique dough recipe and pizza cooking style, Franco Manca believe authentic ingredients and techniques make the best pizza, therefore the oven they selected needed to meet their specific requirements too.

Originally opting for a brick oven from Naples, Franco Manca switched to UK supplier Gozney Ovens because of their product longevity, superior efficiency and the on-site fast assembly system developed by Gozney. The latter removing all installation access issues and opening up a multitude of difficult-to-reach sites that would not be possible with other stone oven products.

Requiring a specific wood fired environment, Gozney Ovens worked with the chain to ensure the best results, enabling fast, authentic Neapolitan pizza to be cooked at 500°C. Gozney Ovens hand cast their Neapolitan style ovens in Worcester, UK.

Specialising in a range of gas and wood fired stone ovens, Gozney Ovens are quickly becoming known for their range of pizza ovens. Keen innovators in the industry, Gozney Ovens are focused on fuel efficiency and ease of install, meaning these large ovens can be installed through a standard doorway, something new to the stone oven industry.

Having developed a specific Neapolitan oven range which involves many attributes specific to high temperature cooking, Gozney Ovens have pioneered the next generation of stone oven models, also including a large entrance, fast casual oven suited to larger pizza chains.

Franco Manca’s success appears to be a fusion of an excellent pizza concept, experienced restaurateur team and sourcing the very best products and ingredients.

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Franco Manca

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