Gozney Ovens Kickstart New Pizza Kitchens with Comprehensive Dough and Menu Consultancy

Tuesday 21st March 2017

Gozney Ovens have gathered extensive experience in the pizza industry whilst working with various pizza chefs and pioneering pizza restaurants in the around the world. The Gozney Training Kitchen, situated in Christchurch, has supported many early pizzeria start-ups as well as established pizza brands. 

Gozney are now offering customised dough consultations and training to start-up and existing customers looking for assistance in beginning or improving their dough processes. 

Joe Boiling, Gozney’s In-house Chef, has designed a custom consultancy class to cut the research and development phase for customers when they first look to start or refine their pizza offering. 

“Classes are highly specialised and can be adapted to best suit to the customer’s requirements,” says Joe. Clients can expect a customised service, taking advantage of Gozney’s broad and specific experience in the pizza industry. “The course gives customers a kick-start, reducing the requirement for extensive dough development and menu research,” he continues.  

Gozney have been integral to many of their client’s development, enabling recipe testing in their range of ovens on-site and even hosting ingredient selection on the premises for larger restaurant groups.  Gozney have worked with some of the best chefs and dough recipes in the industry, enabling an all round understanding of recipe development. The consultations include specific high-hydration dough varieties, sourdoughs, classic Neapolitan style pizzas and new twists coming from British influences.  

A restaurant’s dough and menu development can take months or even years, but with Gozney’s commercial dough consultations this can be reduced to as little as one class, saving time, money and the potential for costly mistakes. 

Tips include dough storage, test cooking dough, handling dough, recipe advice and development. 

For more information on Gozney’s range of Dough Masterclasses contact the Gozney Ovens team.

Gozney Ovens Dough Masterclass

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