Gozney Ovens: Pinkmans Bakery, bringing a brilliant bakery to Bristol.

Monday 11th April 2016

Gozney ovens are proud to have installed recently for Pinkmans Bakery, a new- concept bakery in Bristol.

Already home to a wealth of various famous and underground street food eateries, Bristol is a foodies heaven, with Pinkmans Bakery no exception.

Steven Whibley and Troel Bendix have combined their wealth of experience, formerly running Le Pain Quotidien Chain and Gails Bakery to bring you Pinkmans Bakery, 85 Park Street Bristol.

Steven says “ Great bread is not about nostalgia and yesterday, it’s a food for now and the future,” and we at Gozney think he is spot on, just look at their Instagram account, full of hand rolled loaves, melt in your mouth croissants and beautifully topped pizzas.

The menu is comprehensive with soups, sandwiches, quiches, tarts, breads and not forgetting their sourdough pizza, cooked fresh in their Gozney Stone Oven. Each and every item is freshly made on the premises.

With cafeteria style ordering, Pinkmans has a great busy, yet relaxed vibe.  Order at the counter, where you can peruse a range of fresh bread items and opt for dine in or takeaway.

Tom of Gozney Ovens cant wait for a trip to Bristol next, “Working with Steven was a pleasure, we wish them all the success with Pinkmans Bakery, I cant wait to stop in when next in Bristol.”

To visit or keep up to date with Pinkmans, check out their website. Image from Pinkmans Bakery Twitter

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