Gozney Ovens popular restaurants cited in The Evening Standard’s “The best pizza in London.”

Wednesday 9th March 2016

It’s a well known fact that making the perfect pizza takes experience, quality ingredients and almost just as importantly, a super hot, stone floor oven.

“There is just as much, if not more effort put into the structure and material density of a stone hearth oven” says Tom, of Gozney Ovens.

“Our ovens can produce consistent cooking results for a range of pizza types, from high heat Neapolitan style pizza cooking, to slower, more conventional pizza types” says Tom.

Which is why it’s no wonder that Gozney Ovens supply the market leaders with stone pizza ovens. Unrivalled on fuel efficiency, with DEFRA certification Gozney Ovens combine excellent, efficient cooking capabilities with style, as each oven model comes with a different looking enclosure.

In particular, the Napoli range of ovens draw quite a lot of attention, with this design being the most popular model in 2016.

The Evening Standard’s “Best pizza in London” article features a range of places for pizza, in particular Homeslice and Franco Manca, who choose Gozney Ovens for their pizza offering.


Read the article here http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/restaurants/the-best-pizza-in-london-from-sourdough-to-by-the-slice-a2945776.html

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