Gozney Ovens Are Revolutionising Pizza Ovens

Tuesday 14th March 2017

Although known for excellent pizza, there are challenges facing traditional stone ovens, also known as pizza ovens, in the modern day. Many Italian pizza ovens have remained relatively unchanged over hundreds of years. The recent pizza trend sweeping the country has seen many ovens installed across the nation, with the associated problems of ancient ovens starting to become apparent.

One company however, is striving to reinvent the humble pizza oven by maintaining its authentic pizza cook and high temperature environment, while reducing fuel consumption and rate of degradation. Gozney Ovens, who specialise in a range of stone wood and gas ovens hand cast in England, have developed a range of authentic modern pizza ovens suitable for fast growing pizza chains and independent pizzerias.

Having already developed custom Neapolitan ovens for fast growing pizza chain Franco Manca and US fast-casual pizza giant MOD, Gozney Ovens are by no means new to the fast growing pizza industry.

Challenges of traditional brick ovens include the eventual degradation and falling in of bricks from the dome due to the constant heating and cooling phases as standard in pizza ovens. However, Gozney’s ovens are reinforced and comprised of modern aggregate to ensure the long term stability of the oven core. Old fashioned materials in traditional ovens also have inferior insulating capabilities, requiring more fuel to maintain the equivalent temperature than in a Gozney Oven.

City centre councils are now also hot on the heels of non-certified wood ovens producing high levels of smoke in smoke control zones. Gozney Ovens efficient fuel consumption and low smoke output mean they are exempt under DEFRA’s environmental rules.

One of the biggest challenges facing new restaurants requiring commercial stone ovens can be lack of access. One piece, assembled stone pizza ovens can require shop front removal and costly remedial work to install them. Gozney Ovens have innovated a new modular installation process, meaning large stone ovens can be assembled on-site.  Ovens are transported in parts and can access any premises through a standard doorway.

Taking anything from a few days to over a week, traditional oven installation can require costly downtime and project management, Gozney’s specialist fast installation design can be completed in a matter of hours, with oven installations taking place overnight in specialist cases.

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Fatto A Mano, Hove

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