Gozney Ovens supply Elite Pubs for their wood fired pizza offering

Tuesday 25th July 2017

Elite Pubs began when Martial Chaussy came over to the UK from France to work in upmarket hotels before deciding that he wanted to transform old, unloved pubs by introducing a stylish country dining experience. The company began with The Great House and now has seven successful dining pubs under its belt.

Each site is unique with a different head chef and menu. However, Elite Pubs pride themselves on seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to create their enticing menus. Across three of their pubs, they have opted for a wood fired pizza offering and after some research, Martial and the team selected Gozney Ovens as their supplier.

The most recent Gozney Ovens install was at The Potting Shed where they chose a wood burning Gio 140 to compliment their huge dining room, complete with open kitchen and vaulted ceiling. This also opens out into a beautiful outside space. They make full use of their oven, serving pizzas and flat breads along with wood fired mussels, steaks and much more. As the open kitchen is a huge feature for The Potting Shed, they have really made a feature of their Gio 140 by customising it with bright red paint and a mosaic tiled design.

You can also find a Gio 120 at The Gun and a Gio 140 at The Farm House, both of which are also wood burning. The former Gio series’ closest comparison is the Gozney Classic series, which you can see here.

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