Gozney Beech Briquettes

Friday 16th June 2017

Gozney Ovens have reported record growth in their wood briquette sales. Having searched for a product they were happy to recommend alongside their wood burning ovens, Gozney Ovens, who specialise in innovation, decided to develop their own.

Gozney Beech Briquettes are sustainably sourced, made from 100% pure beech that doesn’t contain bark, binders or additives, giving the cleanest burn possible. Each briquette burns longer, hotter and more consistently than any firewood on the market which means Gozney Ovens can whole-heartedly recommend them to their customers.

With a moisture content of less than 7%, they are dryer than standard kiln dried logs that have a moisture content of 20%, meaning that Gozney Beech Briquettes have proven to be the best and most efficient source of fuel for commercial ovens. In addition to this, they are easy to break apart by simply hitting them on a hard surface.

Gozney Beech Briquettes boast being extremely eco-friendly. Sourced from a beech timber sawmill with sustainability at heart, Gozney Beech Briquettes use only high quality and responsibly sourced materials.

Unlike natural wood or kiln dried hardwood, Gozney Beech Briquettes are chemically and bacteriologically tested, meaning that they can be stored in kitchens and are made to conform to HACCP regulations.

Gozney Beech Briquettes are sold in half pallets of 32 boxes or full pallets of 64 boxes. Each box contains 8 briquettes which are easy to stack and keep tidy.

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