Gozney’s Innovative, Compact Dough Trays Revolutionise Pizza Dough Storage

Thursday 1st June 2017

Tackling the issues of dough handling and compact storage, Gozney have developed the world’s first dough tray that can fit in a standard commercial fridge, whilst also keeping dough balls separated for uninterrupted proofing.

Witnessing the challenges many market leading pizzerias were experiencing, particularly with high hydration and sourdough recipes, Gozney developed the trays to improve kitchen efficiency and reduce waste.

Made from a polypropylene outer tray with a silicone dividing insert, the trays are lightweight, stackable and durable.

Firstly, the dough trays can fit in a standard commercial fridge or under counter fridge, which is a new offering in the market. Secondly, the sleek silicone inserts mean, although compact, the trays save space whilst keeping dough balls divided during proofing.

By proofing dough balls separately, it maintains their natural round shape and reduces the time taken to remove the dough from the trays with no need for cutting or dividing. Trays can also be swiftly transferred from the proofing process to standard commercial fridges instead of specialist large fridges.

Easy to clean and each tray has 8 dough ball spaces taking dough balls up to 300g in weight.

Already being used by some of Gozney Ovens’ commercial customers, the trays are proving to be a hit, saving time and space in busy commercial pizzerias.

Whilst initially designed for specialist high hydration and sourdoughs, the Gozney Dough Trays are suitable for any dough used in the industry.

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Gozney DBS Dough Tray

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