Hungry Oven chooses Gozney for their seaside restaurant

Monday 19th June 2017

Gozney Ovens have recently installed an oven in the centre of Bournemouth for a brand new Italian kitchen and bar, Hungry Oven. To set them apart from other Italian restaurants in town, the owners of Hungry Oven decided to offer an Italian style thick pan pizza. Even though pizza is their speciality, Hungry Oven also offer a varied menu including traditional pasta dishes and panozzi slices, which are freshly baked pizza bread with a variety of different toppings.

When Matteo and Gustavo decided to open Hungry Oven, they knew they would need an oven that could not only fit their large, thick pan pizzas but also have the perfect cooking environment for their Italian bread and baked pasta offering. Hungry Oven decided on the Barbican 1650 due, not only to its large cooking floor, but also the elongated opening that gives the chefs incredible views and access to the cooking floor. As the Barbican ovens have an elliptical shaped oven floor, natural cooler spots are created making it the perfect oven for a more varied menu.

To keep in line with their authentic Italian offering, Hungry Oven chose to opt for a wood burning oven only.

For more information on the Barbican 1650, please click here.

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