Fast Casual MOD chooses UK Gozney Ovens for Pizza roll out

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Mod Pizza Gozney

If you haven’t heard already, MOD fast casual pizza are the new kids on the block. With a pizza concept and ambitious growth plans it wont be long until a MOD opens near you.

Founding the brand eight years ago, Scott and Ally Svenson are probably best known for starting Seattle Coffee Company, which was later sold to Starbucks.

Now with the backing of an experienced executive team and Sir Charles Dunstone of Carphone Warehouse, MOD has touched down on British soil, opening in Leeds, Brighton, London, Gateshead and now Nottingham and the chain is due to grow from there.

Bringing the concept from the US to the UK has had its challenges for the team, namely with the heartbeat of the kitchen, the oven. MOD, Made On Demand Pizza, is just that, with each pizza made from scratch and cooked in 4 minutes. MOD required a specific cook time and technique which was made possible with a custom oven by UK manufacturer Gozney Ovens.

“One of the biggest challenges MOD faced was finding an oven with a fast deck recovery, but still capable of significant, consistent pizza output,” said Tom Gozney of Gozney Ovens. So Gozney ensured they provided just that, specifically the Barbican 1900 Oven.

The Barbican is a large, wide mouthed stone oven that particularly suits fast casual offerings such as MOD. Gozney Ovens have quickly received market recognition for their pioneering techniques in stone oven design, efficiency and ease of assembly, which enables their ovens to be installed quickly on site through a standard doorway.

John Nelson from MOD said “It was important for me to find someone who knew what they were talking about and could do things at pace given our plans for expansion. When you are a new company in the market you want flexibility from a supplier and Gozney was able to offer that.”

With a commercial chef and training kitchen at the Gozney Headquarters in Dorset, the MOD team were able to trial and test the Gozney range of commercial pizza ovens to ensure the perfect match between their concept and their oven. Gozney are looking forward continuing to supporting MOD with their expansion plans in the UK.


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