Santa Maluco uses a Gozney oven for their pizza rodizio offering

Tuesday 23rd May 2017

John Ennis and Matt Farrell are the founders behind The Graffiti Spirits Group, who own a number of restaurants and cocktail bars and have been integral to Liverpool’s transforming nightlife. Their most recent opening in Liverpool being Santa Maluco, a rodizio pizzeria in the centre of the business district.

The rodizio style of eating that Santa Maluco offer, originates from Brazil where customers pay a fixed price and waiters will bring samples of food to each customer several times throughout the dining experience, until the customer signals that they’ve had enough. At Santa Maluco, waiters bring slices from their 18 inch handmade pizzas including their daily changing dessert pizzas.

Santa Maluco required an oven that could offer a quick recovery deck time to keep up with their fast-paced service. Due to the heavy insulation and specialist cooking floor, every Gozney Oven guarantees a high strength, robust deck whilst maintaining the porous characteristics required for fast and effective pizza cooking.

They opted for a wood burning version of one of Gozney’s former, Gio 140 models- the most comparable oven to this now being the Classic 1500.

For more information on the Classic range, click here.

Photography by Nic Taylor Photography

Photography by Nic Taylor Photography

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