Time Out: Gozney Ovens Feature In 6 Of London’s Best Pizza Restaurants

Thursday 9th February 2017

In search of the very best in pizza? Time Out London have done the hard work, listing the Best Pizza Restaurants in London this 2017.

By trying and testing each pizza establishment, Time Out have collated a list of successful and pioneering pizza offerings, including the rapidly expanding Neapolitan chain Franco Manca as well as up and coming Homeslice and Yard Sale. The list is comprehensive, including classic sourdough, Neapolitan pizza bases through to New York pizza influences and everything in-between.

It’s not surprising to find Gozney Ovens present in over 6 of the top pizza places in London. Gozney offer specific Neapolitan ovens such as the Napoli used by Franco Manca to enable a high-heat, fast cook for an authentic result.

Gozney Ovens can also be found in Homeslice, who have achieved mass appeal with their pizza by the slice and 20 inch pizza offerings. Gozney Ovens are in all 3 sites in the capital and look forward to supporting the team with their expansion plans.

Theo’s in Camberwell offers honest pizza which has received a “Best Restaurant in Camberwell” award by Time Out.

Yard Sale, a trendy take out, dine-in and pizza delivery offering which started with three young friends cooking pizza in their yard, has expanded into 3 new sites and counting. Yard Sale originally chose a Stone Bake Oven by Gozney for their yard and later upgraded to the larger Classic model which serves them in Clapton, Finsbury Park and soon, Walthamstow.

Sodo pizza’s no frills approach means their Margarita is a force to be reckoned with, with Time Out calling it “superb”. Find Sodo pizza and their Gozney ovens in Clapton, Walthamstow and Hoxton.

Pizza Street, self proclaimed “London’s first true fast-food New York pizza joint,” offers pizzas and shakes from the heart of Chiswick. Look out for the glow-in-the-dark Classic Gozney Oven which Pizza Street has customised, when spotting the restaurant from the road.

Read all about Time Out’s Best Pizza Restaurants here, for the go-to list for all things pie in the city. To learn more about Gozney Oven’s range of commercial wood and gas pizza ovens click here.

Gozney Ovens serving London’s Best Pizzerias. Images courtesy of Time Out.

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