Una Kitchen chooses a Gozney oven to create exciting new menu

Tuesday 1st August 2017

Una St Ives is a resort which combines a luxury spa experience with relaxed modern accommodation, embracing the beautiful surroundings. The team are passionate about great food and creating a wonderful, shared dining experience. Una Kitchen, the restaurant within the resort, has extended its opening hours and included a Gozney oven as part of its refurbishment. Una Kitchen offers delicious, seasonal fare and will now incorporate authentic wood fired cooking to enhance the menu.

The chefs at Una Kitchen pride themselves on sourcing locally so, it was important to choose a UK oven manufacturer. All Gozney ovens are manufactured in the UK, with headquarters in Christchurch on the south coast, just a few hours from St. Ives. This domestic production suits Una’s ethos of sourcing locally and promotes a low carbon footprint. Gozney Ovens are also the most fuel efficient on the market, offering an authentic Neapolitan cooking environment with modern, British innovation.

The homes at Una St Ives range from two to eight person capacities. Guests can enjoy a relaxing spa experience, make the most of the indoor pool or gym and visit Una Kitchen for delicious food and drink. They have a range of amazing pizzas and sharing style Mediterranean dishes on offer, delivered by way of a Gozney oven. Una Kitchen opted for a Napoli 1500 dual fuel oven for their varied menu of pizzas and wood fired vegetables, meats and fish.

Gozney Ovens were delighted to be included in the refurbishment of Una Kitchen and the Napoli 1500 is the perfect compliment to their modern décor.

Read more information on our Napoli 1500 here.

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